Biofuels Technology LLC is a specialty chemical processing and trading company in the alternative fuel industry. We work to advance technology to serve the field of renewable energy with solutions to help alternatives become commercially viable.

Disruptive technologies like alternative energy create many issues that demand solutions. There are many challenges to overcome in order to replace legacy fuels. These leagacy fuels are non renewable fossil fuels with insufficient domestic supplies, highly pollutive, and due to accelerating demand have become economically undesireable. 

Using it's founder - Mark Rice - and his families generations of experience in the chemical industry, Biofuels Technology offers solutions to these issues created by the biofuels industry. We are helping pioneer the way to a future with reliable, domestic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable energy.

Our products help the effort to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve management of scarce resources, become less dependent on foreign oil with an alternative energy solution to the fuel industry, and have a long-term positive impact on our society.

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